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Personal Libraries 

At Your Fingertips

At Spark, we believe that a child’s opportunity to develop a personal library is something that should not be determined by their family's economic status. As one of our core beliefs, Spark is dedicated to ensuring that every student in our community is able to obtain books that they are personally interested in, free of cost. Studies show that students with their own personal libraries are more likely to achieve educational success. The benefits of helping students acquire their own library far outweighs the cost.


of Books in Household

*Higher-income families have more children’s books in the home on average, with households earning more than $100K having an average of 127 children’s books—nearly twice as many as households earning less than $35K.

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My Favorite Books are Ones I Pick Out Myself

*Regardless of gender and age, having a choice rules. A majority of kids (89%) agree their favorite books are the ones that they have selected themselves.


“A home with books as an integral part of the way of life encourages children to read for pleasure and encourages discussion among family members about what they have read," Evans and her colleagues write, "thereby providing children with information, vocabulary, imaginative richness, wide horizons, and skills for discovery and play.” 

University of Nevada-Reno sociologist Mariah Evans.

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