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August Book of the Month

I Promise by Lebron James is full of motivation and positive messages that all children need to see. 

Why we picked this book 

We selected this book, not only because it is a beautiful display of diversity in children's literature, but because the timing is perfect for our students (and parents)! The 20/21 school year has not even begun, and we can already feel the pressure of what will be an unprecedented year. While we cannot tell the future, one thing is clear, whether students attend class in person, online, or a combination,  the amount of work it will take to ensure students catch up from an extended break will be immense. What better time to speak with your student(s) about the importance of  “setting goals, working hard, and holding yourself accountable...” We sincerely hope that this book helps teachers and parents Spark meaningful conversations and set their very own promises to ensure they get the most out of the 20/21 school year. 

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