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Importance of summer reading

Summer is here and it's time for fun, but playing hard doesn't mean that you can't work hard too! Children reading 20 minutes a day has proven to help them maintain, and even grow, their reading skills.

Students who don't read over the summer lose two months of reading proficiency from the previous year. Like running a marathon, learning to and becoming a better reader is a long training process. Taking months off from training only slows the process.

The best way to keep your kids reading is by reading with them! Reading to your little ones, or letting them read to you, is the best way to keep proficiency and reading skills on-track this summer. 20 minutes a day can help your kids a ton!

Summer reading loss is most prevalent in at-risk and low-income communities because of many reasons; lack of books in the home, working parents who don't have as much time to read with their children, and lack of access to community and library resources.

How can you help? For only $25, Spark can provide a elementary student 5 books for the summer. Any amount of helps us grow our resources to put more books into the hands of children.

Can't donate money? How about donating your time! Sign up on our website today!

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