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September Book of the Month: "When Stars Are Scattered"

Presented as a visual novel, "When Stars Are Scattered", will provide students with a window into the realities of life in a refugee camp. The story is about two brothers who  have been relocated to a refugee camp as a result of the Somalian war. The oldest brother, Omar, is tasked with looking after his younger brother Hassan until they can return to Somalia to find their mother. When Omar is presented with the chance to attend school, he is faced with a difficult choice. Should he decline the offer to attend school and spend his days looking after his brother or trust that his brother will be okay and accept the offer to go to school to assure a better future for both of them. 

“When Stars Are Scattered” was selected as our September book of the month to give DMPS students a realistic, age appropriate view of an experience shared by a number of their classmates. The Spark Foundation is proud to offer students who have lived the experiences of Omar and Hassan, the opportunity to see themselves or those they love reflected in the books they read. We look forward to sharing this book with each fourth-grade student attending Moulton and River Woods elementary schools. 

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