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  • James Simmons

Spark garners support from Iowa Business Leaders

The Spark Foundation was founded on the belief that students of all backgrounds deserve to see themselves and their community accurately reflected in the books that they read. Since our founding, we have been proud to deliver on that message and have donated thousands of books to students in the Des Moines community.

These core values are the reason why Spark Foundation’s new partnership with BLK & Bold Coffee® is the perfect fit. From their start, Rod Johnson and Pernell Cezar have prioritized giving back to the community.

“It’s exciting to partner with strong community leaders like Rod and Pernell, who are already focused and working on giving back to the youth of this country, and be able to expand Spark’s impact in Des Moines,” said Akil Clark, President of Spark Foundation.

Spark Foundation would also like to thank Kum & Go for partnering with BLK & Bold Coffee® to donate $1500 to help us in our work. We are proud to work businesses like BLK & Bold Coffee® and Kum & Go to continue to deliver books to children that reflect the diversity and strengths of our communities, and to continue to empower kids to grow their world view by introducing them to new perspectives.

Best, Spark Foundation

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