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Spark's July Book of the Month: Federico and the Wolf

The Spark Foundation is happy to announce that we are sending each soon-to-be second-grade student at Monroe Elementary a free copy of “Federico and the Wolf", our July Book of the Month.


"With his red hoodie on and his bicycle basket full of food, Federico is ready to visit Abuelo. But on the way, he meets a hungry wolf. And now his grandfather bears a striking resemblance to el lobo. Fortunately, Federico is quick and clever—and just happens to be carrying a spicy surprise! Federico drives the wolf away, and he and Abuelo celebrate with a special salsa. Recipe included."

"A reboot of the classic tale of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ brings new flavors to an old favorite…. Chavarri's vibrant illustrations include plenty of colorful details for observant readers…. The infusion of Spanish words on almost every page works perfectly with the settings and adds cultural specificity to Federico's journey to visit his abuelo…. Bright visuals and culinary elements with appeal to readers seeking a twist on the familiar." — Kirkus 

Want to help Spark continue to supply students with fun books that celebrate diversity? Please leave a donation via, Facebook or if offered by your employer, payroll deduction. 

Thank you,

Akil Clark 

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