I can't even begin to describe the incredible feeling of giving students books that celebrate their individual culture, ethnicity, and beliefs. Their eyes light up, exclaiming, "Hey, he looks just like me!" Or "I celebrate that too!!!" Thanks to the Spark Foundation, students at Stowe Elementary are beginning to build their home libraries with rich text that celebrate diversity, acceptance, and tolerance. BEAUTIFUL books that are thoughtfully selected and provided FREE OF CHARGE!


I will be forever grateful to the Spark Foundation for providing students with, not only literature, but also those positive community relationships. I cannot wait to get volunteers into my classroom,reading and celebrating literature with these AMAZING students!! Thanks again, for all you do!

Lee Parkison, 1st grade teacher at Stowe Elementary

We as teachers speak daily to our kids about the importance and power in reading to learn and for enjoyment. We do our best to instill a passionate love and desire to read in our students. Then we send them home to a place where most have no access to books, which greatly affects their ability to read, especially over the long summer. The real power of reading is when you choose to pick up a book and immerse yourself because you want to and because you can. Giving our students the gift of access to books at home is one the most beneficial offerings we could ever provide them. There is power in words and stories that go beyond the benefits of improving test scores. We are putting the power to learn and grow in their hands, which is a chance they might not have otherwise. We at Moulton Elementary are extremely grateful to the Spark Foundation for gifting our students with the resources they need to improve their life."


Kimberly Smith, 3rd Grade Teacher Moulton Elementary 


Des Moines, IA 


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